Get Involved: One of the greatest gifts to give is your time


Do you live in Central Virginia, and would you like to give your time to help a child battling cancer? Start by reading the section below, “Who Are You?” Click Volunteer to register. A staff member will contact you about helping children who are in treatment in Richmond, Virginia.

Who Are You?

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Sidekick mentors spend at least four hours a month with their mentee. 

Are you an individual wanting to give back to your community? Personally affected by cancer or not, we know someone who has fought cancer. Connor’s Heroes provides ways for you to help kids with cancer and their families. Find out more.

Are you a family wanting to help Connor’s Heroes while teaching your own kids the importance of helping others? Connor’s Heroes is the organization for you! Your family can find out more.

Are you a kid or teen who wants to give back? Young people are some of our most passionate and energetic volunteers!

Are you an employee at a local business or member of an organization? Whether working together on a service project, staffing an event, collecting items, or fundraising, we can help groups like yours to come together and support Connor’s Heroes. If interested in finding out ways your business can help, click here. 

Are you a student or club sponsor at a local school or university? There are projects you can do to help kids with cancer. Students, click here to find out more.

To get started, register as a volunteer by filling out this form. We will contact you and find the right volunteer opportunity for you.