$10,000 for Childhood Cancer Heroes

There was excitement in the air at our 6th Annual Heroes Art Ball. Maybe it was the fact that Connor's Heroes was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Or that Dr. Seth Corey, the endowed chair leading the Connor's Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Fund, was attending. It certainly was amplified when Jeff Brownstein, Chairman of the Board Of Directors, presented the Goodwin family with a poster of the names of the 1,000 families who were helped by Connor's Heroes. 

The main event of the night was the auction of paintings by our young Childhood Cancer Heroes and area artists. Each painting was an expression of the artist's journey with childhood cancer. We never know which painting will be THE ONE! 

Noelle's painting was the seventh one up for auction. It is a set of paintings done on wood with bright, festive colors of orange, blue and green. She collaborated on the pieces with artist Steve Hedberg. It was appropriately named “Colorful City.” Justin, the emcee, introduced Noelle (who was joined on stage by Hero sibling, Ava). He told how Noelle was diagnosed with a form of ovarian cancer that shockingly occurs in teen girls. She had surgery to remove the massive tumor and underwent many rounds of chemotherapy. Amazingly, she finds the strength to attend a prestigious magnet high school. 

The bidding started and soon there was a bidding war between guests. $3,000. $5,000. $8,000. What was next? Would it be?! Yes, $10,000!!! SOLD!

Colorful City 1Colorful City 2

The winner was a couple who are long-time friends of Connor's Heroes. They have attended every Heroes Art Ball. Their house is full of Heroes art that they have collected through the years. Each painting reminds them of the bravery of the young Hero who painted it. They are especially proud that Connor's Heroes brought a notable pediatric cancer researcher to Richmond who will lead the effort in finding cures and improving treatments for our Heroes.

This was one very special moment of a night full of special moments. We appreciate the Hero Families who joined us as our special guests. Our corporate sponsors made it so every winning bid and donation went directly to our programs and cancer research. Of course, our committee of volunteers (chaired by Brooke and Jillian) created the magic for you! 

Save the date for the 7th Annual Heroes Art Ball, May 5, Science Museum of Virginia.
More information, ticketing and silent auction at the official Heroes Art Ball event site.