As I watched her on stage, her daddy, myself and those who love her all felt the same rush of pride. I saw the same pride on her face and the face of her siblings. Her dream of selling her art came true and for such a generous amount. She was thrilled.
— Elizabeth, mom to childhood cancer hero, Caroline

Teens standing on a stage They are holding a large painting

Your generosity at the 11th Annual Heroes Art Ball blew us away. You made it the biggest night in Connor’s Heroes history. A record-breaking $517,000 raised. Your kindness at the gala validated the mission of Connor’s Heroes — that no family should face their child’s cancer alone. They will have a community of heroes by their sides.

Ava, Aubrey, Caroline, Dayanne, Joshua, Kennedy, Meya, Sydney and Thomas are nine of the 86 children in active treatment who Connor’s Heroes is helping right now.

For many months, they came to the Visual Arts Center for our Heroes Art Session. Our Heroes Art Sessions provide a supportive environment in which childhood cancer heroes and their siblings can make art, and feel a collective sense of healing simply by creating and being together. You could feel their excitement when they finally got to take the stage with their artwork at the Heroes Art Ball. It was a magical moment as each child felt your gratitude when you put up your bid number to win their art.

We featured Emily in the Heroes Art Ball in 2013. At the time of the 2013 Heroes Art Ball, she completed her treatment. She felt so proud when her painting raised $800 that night. Fast forward to 2022. Emily is excitedly preparing to graduate high school and go off to college. She continues to paint and volunteers as an Artist Mentor. At the Heroes Art Sessions, she collaborated with the kids on a massive painting called Sunset RVA. She guided the kids on how to add their favorite colors and brush stokes to a painting of Richmond’s iconic downtown by the river. Imagine her shock when Sunset RVA fetched $20,000 at the live auction. Proof of how Emily, Connor’s Heroes support for families, and your generosity have grown all these years. Thank you to everyone who raised their paddle during the live auction.

A group of teens standing on the stage together holding up a painting

We named Ted and Mary Linhart as our 2022 Hero Of The Year. In her remarks, Connor’s Heroes Board Member and Founder, Lisa Goodwin, said “Ted and Mary have been quiet, yet dedicated supporters of The Heroes Art Ball since the beginning. They served on the Host Committee of the inaugural Heroes Art Ball in 2011. They have been sponsors ever since. Their commitment to Connor’s Heroes made a difference and touched our hearts.”

A man and a woman are speaking at the gala

Returning to the stage were our Helping Heroes. We featured these teens at a past Heroes Art Ball when they were in active treatment for cancer. Today, Aida, Anna, Campbell, Emily, Grace, Mireya, Natalie, Noah, Savanna, Wyatt, and Tay are out of treatment. They stood side-by-side (in so many ways) with the 2022 childhood cancer heroes.

Thank you to our sponsors, in-kind businesses, donors, and Artist Mentors
. We are grateful to Hoot Media, Kenzi Flinchum Photography, Victoria Jean Photography and Jennifer Gavin Photography.
We were lucky to have a team volunteers helping at the gala: Katie Acker, Tom Block, Chandler Craddock, Kaetlin Collins, Samira Creel, Heather Dillon, Helen Dillion, Nickie Enos, Felicia Franco, Amy Franco, Afton Grossman, Taylor Jarrett, Kendall McQuillen, Blair Powell, McKinley Richard, Amanda Roach, Carlin Roach, Melissa Smith, Meghan Stables, and Jovany Vigil-Perez.

Hugs to the childhood cancer families who committed to coming to our Heroes Art Sessions.
And to YOU for caring about the childhood cancer community who need Connor’s Heroes.

Take a few minutes to meet the heroes you help with your support of Connor’s Heroes. You can read their profiles and watch a short video of each one:

SAVE THE DATE: 12th Annual Heroes Art Ball on Friday, May 5, 2023 at John Marshall Ballrooms

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