3 children hugging
Congratulations to Graeme’s Warriors: Graeme, Connolly and Macklin.

These brothers raised the most money of all the Jr. Hero Squad members. They raised a total of $2,957. What makes this honor so special is Graeme is a childhood cancer hero himself. Graeme was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in May 2016. We featured his family in the 2017 Heroes Art Ball.

Our 16-member Jr. Hero Squad raised $19,110 for children who are in treatment for cancer. Their team goal was $5,000 — 282% more than anticipated. The fact these kids and teens were thinking of other children during this difficult time speaks volumes of their kindness. Here are snapshots of the creative fundraisers put together by some of the members of the Jr. Hero Squad.

💛 9 have journeyed through childhood cancer themselves or in their families
💙 3 know Connor’s Heroes because their parents volunteer
💛 4 signed up because they want to help other kids!

Say “hello” to the amazing and caring kids who joined our FIRST-EVER Jr. Hero Squad. The Jr. Hero Squad is young people from schools and neighborhoods across Central Virginia. What brought them together was a desire to make sure no child or teen will face their cancer alone.
The Jr. Hero Squad will be the hero a child with cancer needs right now.
Track their progress and add your name to OUR COMMUNITY OF HEROES!

Meet our Jr. Hero Squad