"You showered us with HOLIDAY LOVE!"— Mom of a childhood cancer hero

Hero families with a child in in active treatment received plenty of holiday cheer at the 2021 Holiday Open House on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. The Holiday Open House showed the hero families that there is a large community who care for them and want to give hope to them during this difficult time.

Celia (Executive Director), Erin (Program Director), Anne-Randolph (Program Coordinator) and Ceci (Development Coordinator) decorated the office into a winter wonderland. The Holiday Open House was our first family event in our new location on Broad Street!

"Tonight we got to celebrate the holidays with our sweet Connor's Heroes Foundation friends!!"

Throughout the day, parents and kids popped into the office. Some stopped by after their child’s appointment in clinic. A few parents shared the good news that their child moved off of treatment and moved up to maintenance. A big milestone in the child’s cancer journey!!

No matter their age — whether it was one-year-old Hailey up to 16-year-old Arianna — everyone enjoyed their brief visit jammed packed with fun. It was wonderful when several hero families finally met Erin after all these months texting, calling, and talking on the phone.

"The kids made ornaments, decorated cookies, drank hot chocolate, took some pictures! It was fabulous!"

You gave our hero families this wonderful time together. Each family left with gift bags dangling off their arms, piles of homemade cookies, and a crazy drink called a hot chocolate bomb (google it!). Every parent was grateful for the $250 gift card Celia or Erin handed them (or put in the mail). With this generous gift, they can purchase the holiday essentials such as travel to visit their family, buy groceries for a holiday dinner, or purchase that one special gift for which their child has been hoping for.

Connor’s Heroes wants to thank the holiday elves who helped host the Holiday Open House.
• Board members Marla, Cathy, Karrie, Tammy, and Gwendolyn were our greeters, decorators, card writers, and hot chocolate makers.
• Jill Voekler and Erin made plates and plates of delicious cookies.
• Cathy Heizer and Marla Fergerson doubled every dollar donated to the Holiday Hero Fund.

Thank you to all the generous people who donated to the holiday hero fund. You gifted hope and gave hope to all of our childhood cancer heroes. Yes, you are a holiday hero!

Ann D.
Anne and Tim B.
Blair P.
Bob and Bettylou Y.
Bob and Rhonda P.
Bolling S.
Bradley G.
Bruce and Crystal T.
Bud and Robin J.
Carey and Robert C.
Carla S.
Cathy H.
Celia and Dan M.
Cheryl T.
Chris and Laura M.
Chris and Vickie R.
Connie M.
Darrell and Marsha R.
David and Kay W.
Davis D.
Denise G.
Dennis and Deborah W.

Dianne S.
Don and Becky B.
Douglas and Lila G.
Dwayne and Janice M.
Elaine H.
Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth P.
Eric and Kendall E.
Erin and Britt C.
Forrest and Beverly M.
Francie M.
Frank and Kathryn B.
Gayton Baptist Church
Harris Mechanical Services, Inc
Henry M.
Herbert and Barbara J.
Jack and Marla F.
James and Christine H.
James H.
James H.
Jeff and Brenda S.
Jeff and Monica W.
Jeff S.

Jerry and Michelle S.
Jodi S.
John C.
Johnnie N.
Joseph and Janice Z.
Julia T.
Justin & Lacy Financial LLC
Keith H.
Kelli P.
Kenny and Sharon T.
Kevin and Emily W.
Kevin and Theresa H.
Kevin S.
Kyle and Jane M.
Laurel J.
Linda L.
Lynn M.
Marc and Barbara M.
Margaret and Scott H.
Mary R.
Matt R.
Matthew and Tammy G.

Melinda B.
Nicole J.
Pamela P.
Patricia M.
Paul C.
Perry and Anne-Randolph C.
Richard and Elinor B.
Rick and Rosemarie S.
RiverFront Investment Group, LLC
Robert and Susan H.
Ronnie M.
Scott and Mary P.
Scott and Melissa B.
Scott M.
Stanley and Bonnie C.
Sue L.
Teresa H.
Thomas B.
Tim and Leslie S.
Tom and Jill V.
Vicki H.
Wilbur and Ann L.