To get ready for September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Connor’s Heroes hosted an ice cream celebration at Gelati Celesti in Stony Point. Hero families were treated to a scoop (or two) of their favorite ice cream.

Also, we celebrated the amazing Jr. Hero Squad. The Jr. Hero Squad were 18 kids — from preschool to college — determined to help kids with cancer. The 2023 Jr. Hero Squad smashed their fundraising goal. They raised a whopping $18,000.

A big thank you to the 2023 Jr. Hero Squad: Otis, Pauline & Major, Caroline, Peyton & Madeline, Becca, Mark, Hal & Maren, Nadia & Layla, Poppy, Alia, Annabelle & Isaac, Julianna, Roland. You were the hero children with cancer needed.

First Place: Julianna
Second Place: Otis, Pauline & Major
Third Place: Mark

The Jr. Hero Squad is one way you can raise money for children with cancer using the power of your social network. Connor’s Heroes makes it easy for you to set up a personal fundraising website. You share the link and watch the donations roll in.

You can:
PLEDGE YOUR BIRTHDAY (or any special event in your life)
HOST A GIFT CARD DRIVE (from our Amazon wishlist)
JOIN THE HERO SQUAD (for young professionals, college students, or retirees)