A message from Lisa Goodwin

One Person Can Make a Difference to a Child With Cancer

September's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month has ended for another year. Many of you who have been touched by childhood cancer ask me: Why aren't more people outraged at the lack of federal funding focused on our children? How can I encourage our community to support pediatric cancer research in Richmond? What more can I do to help families who have a child battling cancer? How can I keep awareness going year-round, not just in September?

I must admit that it is overwhelming to think about all of the children (and their families) who are currently battling cancer in Central Virginia. Every week I learn about a child who has either received a diagnosis of cancer, suffered a complication, is devastated to learn the cancer has returned, or gained their angel wings. We watch families suffer incredible financial hardship and endure unimaginable stress and heartache. The reality that cancer is the #1 disease-killer of children hits home. And yet, I am amazed by the heroes who rise up to provide tremendous support for these families. 

One person can make a difference in the life of a childhood cancer family! That person is YOU!

Connor's Heroes lets you be a hero. We get to know each family and learn where they need help the most. That means we have a way for you to volunteer. We have a need for every dollar you donate. We value every service you provide. We are grateful for you being our ambassador in the community.

I invite you to learn more about our childhood cancer heroes – the children battling, their siblings, parents, and caregivers, the nurses, doctors, and researchers who provide support today and hope for a cure for tomorrow. They are the focus of an exhibition called RVA Cures: Conquering Childhood Cancer. The gallery is filled with beautiful photographs and original art painted by our childhood cancer heroes and area artists. After you see RVA Cures, you will be touched, you will learn more, and hopefully you will be inspired! 

I hope you will not forget. 

Our children (like TayNeise pictured with me above) need you now more than ever, as September ends and the next season begins.

Learn more about the exhibition, RVA Cures, and Dr. Corey's research at our website: RVA CURES