Sarah is sitting on a table helping Levi & Ava with a craft
Levi, Ava and Sarah

This Was It!

The last Heroes Art Session before the big day: The 12th Annual Heroes Art Ball on Friday May 5, 2023.

Each artist came to the Visual Arts Center of Richmond determined to create a masterpiece. The artist wouldn’t do it alone. (What fun is that, right?) Childhood cancer heroes and their siblings took the lead.

Collaborating with others on artwork to express their childhood cancer journeys. We will put the art up for auction at the Heroes Art Ball. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket before it sold out, you have two chances to take home a piece of heroes art. You can bid on pieces in the online auction or wait for the main event at the gala: The live auction presented by the childhood cancer hero who created it.

If you did not get a ticket, you can still bid on items in the online auction (and raise your paddle) using your smartphone or tablet. Register by phone by texting heroesartball23 to 243725.

Artist Frankie helps a boy with needlepoint
Artist Frankie Slaughter shows Tay and her family how to do needlepoint

We thank Patience and Kristin from Lens Of Hope for sharing their photos from the April Heroes Art Session.

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About Heroes Art Session With Childhood Cancer Heroes And Their Families

Our Heroes Art Sessions provide a supportive environment in which childhood cancer heroes and their siblings can make art and build community with other hero families. At the sessions, you feel a collective sense of healing by creating and being together. We are grateful to Visual Arts Center for giving us the space for an open studio. And to our donors who allow the Heroes Art Sessions to happen at no cost to our families and to supply the artists with the materials they need.

Childhood Cancer Heroes: James • Kylie • Levi • Ava • Sydney • Everett • Lucy • Tay

Hero Artist Mentors: Jennike, Monica, Frankie, Susan, Bruce, Sarah, Kathleen and Theodora

Thank you to the many volunteers who assisted the artists and heroes.