After over a year of meeting on Zoom, Connor’s Heroes Board of Directors finally (and safely) met in-person! Board Chair, Laura Markley, hosted the June Board Meeting on her back porch. The best part of the meeting was our Mission Moment. Celia shared stories of gratitude and hope from families who rely on Connor’s Heroes support throughout their childhood cancer journey.

❝The Board didn’t miss a beat when we switched to virtual meetings, but it just wasn’t the same as sitting around one big table together. At the start of the pandemic, the Board recognized our hero families need us now more than ever before. They were laser-focused on providing our families with the highest level of financial support in the organization’s history! I was thrilled to be able to thank our amazing board in person for all of the energy they poor into Connor’s Heroes every single day.❞
— Celia Martin, Executive Director

Image 9 people sitting outside around a table