Board Spotlight: Jeff Brownstein

Jeff Brownstein has been a long-time member of the Connor’s Heroes Board of Directors. He became involved with the organization in 2010. He served in many roles; most recently as Chair of the Board. One thing that has never wavered is his passion for making sure Connor’s Heroes can help every child in his community who is battling cancer. He said, “When I see these kids face their chemo with grace and determination, I know that CHF had a small part in helping them and their families.” After retiring from many years in corporate sales and sales management, he decided to share his time with Connor’s Heroes. We are so lucky to have Jeff on our side!

Q: Why should others support Connor’s Heroes?
CHF helps families in two ways: I’ve seen the staff and volunteers with CHF connect with the families. They offer them so much support. At the lab, our researchers are working hard to discover cures. Navigating the myriad of issues facing a child with cancer is a mind-blowing experience. Any way that a parent can get help from CHF makes their journey less daunting and more hopeful.

Q: Why do you believe it is essential to give back to your community?
We live in a community, and by definition, we need to help each other whenever we can, in whatever manner we can. A nonprofit like Connor’s Heroes gives us the chance to give back to our community.

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