Caleb’s Room

From the facebook page, TeamCaleb, Caleb's mom shared the moment when Caleb saw his room decorated by the volunteers at Connor's Heroes: 

“As soon as we entered the unit we were greeted with smiles and cheer, “Krysta, I think your little guy is here! Are you Caleb?” The girl walked us right to our room to find our nurse, Krysta, and the room beautifully decorated for Caleb in a firefighter theme!! Thank you, Connor's Heroes Foundation!! … With the firefighter toys/tools… and the fire truck tent, he was completely at ease! He was strutting the halls in his cowboy boots and fire hat, using his crowbar and his axe to open doors, his megaphone and radio to talk to everyone.” — Caleb's mom

Four volunteers decorated Caleb's room: Monica, Beth, Theresa and Kourtney.  One of them has a daughter, Krysta who is a nurse on BMT and happened to admit Caleb when he arrived on the unit. The room decorator, Monica, said, “My friends and I had such a wonderful time decorating Caleb’s room. Sending lots of hugs and prayers for this sweet little one! Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this!”   

Decorating the rooms of our bone marrow heroes is a big part of Connor's Heroes mission, but it is not all you allow us to do for our Hero families. From the Heroes Bags and Backpacks to gift cards for traveling out of town for second opinions/trials. Now, every child opens up their Heroes Backpack and finds their own iPad mini. We are constantly evolving and growing but remain focused on the kids. Thank you for playing your own role of being a hero to a child with cancer.