Celebrating A Milestone in Treating Pediatric Cancer!

To celebrate the naming of the Connor's Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Fund, Lisa, Steve, Connor and Emily gathered with the board members, supporters and doctors who are dedicating themselves to raising funds for research. It was a time to reflect on the successes of Connor's Heroes — We have supported over 700 families as they navigate the world of childhood cancer. The Heroes Art Ball raised over $65,0000 this year. We worked with the VCU Massey Cancer Center to raise the money needed to support research by an endowed chair in pediatric oncology – $480,000 so far!  The Board committed themselves to raise at least $100,000 more by 2018. You can help by making a tax deductible donation before the year's end. You can make a one-time contribution or commit to automatically donating every month. You can donate on our secure website www.connorsheroes.org