Celebrating The Holidays

We are busy as elves here at the office of Connor's Heroes. Every day we reach out to families to make sure they don't feel alone in their journey with a child's cancer. During the holidays it is more important to extend a helping hand. That's where our community of hero volunteers come in! 

  • Pat, a volunteer and cancer survivor, signed 100 holiday cards that Erin mailed to our hero families.
  • A mom dropped off a stack of adorable cards made by the Builder's Club at Midlothian Middle.
  • A family delivered beautifully wrapped presents for a hero family. The financial burden and emotional toll of their teen's treatment for leukemia is making the holidays hard. Thanks to the grant from The Richmond Christmas Mother Fund, they will have presents and gift cards for the holiday.
  • Families living in the Woods at Sumerford donated gift cards for our Heroes Bags and Backpacks and raised $500 selling holiday baked goods.

These are great reasons to believe in the community of heroes who help the families of Connor’s Heroes. Together, we will make sure no family faces their child's cancer alone, especially during the holidays.