Connor’s Heroes:  The Journey Continues

A Message from Lisa Goodwin, Founder and Executive Director (and Connor's mom)

When we started Connor’s Heroes in 2006, right after Connor finished his treatment for leukemia, we had big goals of filling the gaps in support services for local families who were battling childhood cancer. We especially wanted to provide support to families who didn’t already have it. We also had a deep desire to bring pediatric cancer research to Richmond. Twelve years later, our nonprofit has evolved and matured into an organization that is providing direct support to 100 families a year, while leading the charge in pediatric cancer research here in Richmond with funding from the Connor's Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Fund and the Jamie Hess Fund.

I believe it is now time to turn over the reins of the Executive Director position. I am happy to share with you that Celia Tetlow will be the next Executive Director of Connor’s Heroes.  I can’t think of anyone better to help take our organization into its next phase of development. Celia has been involved with Connor‘s Heroes for over eight years and currently serves as the Vice Chair of our Board and Chair of the Development Committee. She may look familiar to you because she has chaired the Heroes Art Ball Committee for several years and continues to lead our monthly art sessions. She is a fundraising professional with an intense passion for our mission. 

Of course, I will always be a Founder of this organization. After all, it's named after my son and the heroes who were there for my family. I will continue to serve as a member of its Board of Directors. Much like Connor, who is a sophomore in high school, I helped grow Connor's Heroes, “my baby,“ through preschool and into adolescence. Now it’s ready to go off to college. It’s time to send it off into the world without me constantly by its side, but always knowing that I am right there ready to hold its hand whenever needed.  

As many of you know, I was a full-time environmental attorney at Hirschler Fleischer when Connor was diagnosed in 2001. While I have continued to practice law in a part-time role over the years, I am feeling called to return to my full-time practice. I am confident that I leave Connor‘s Heroes in the most capable hands with Celia and our dedicated board.  Our staff (Erin, Fran, and Ceci) also are thrilled to have Celia transition into this role.

I am excited for this new chapter of my life as well as the life of Connor’s Heroes. I look forward to staying involved, and hope with all of my heart that all of you will as well.  Celia will begin working as Executive Director on April 18.  I will provide support through a transition time into early May and then will begin working at Hirschler Fleischer.

If you have any questions, you may feel free to reach out to any of us:

Lisa Goodwin: 
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