Creating Masterpieces with Childhood Cancer Heroes

This Sunday, April 3, from 1-4 at the Crossroads Art Center, we will have 12 childhood cancer heroes working 1 on 1 with a professional artist to create a piece of art that is meaningful to them. This art will then be part of a live auction at The Heroes Art Ball on May 13. Additionally, our Hero artists will work together on two dog statues provided by Fetch a Cure. We will present one statue to Fetch a Cure for their auction and one will be included at The Heroes Art Ball live auction. Our childhood cancer heroes will have the opportunity to make a difference for dogs with cancer too!

Connor's Heroes Foundation is celebrating its 5-year anniversary on May 13 with its first Gala event called, The Heroes Art Ball at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. It will be a magical night where will bring together childhood cancer heroes and the community who supports them. During the Ball, guests will be introduced in grand fashion to 17 childhood cancer Heroes who will share their cancer story and present their original piece of artwork, which they created while working with a professional artist. After a live auction of their art, guests will enjoy dinner and dancing with an amazing band.

The Heroes and their families will be invited to enjoy the Ball at no charge, to honor them during their childhood cancer journey.

Many thanks to Will Turner and Ryan Corrigan for organizing the creation of our masterpieces. Special thanks also to Crossroads Art Center, Arthaus Visual Arts Studio, and the many professional artists who are donating their time and talents.

For more information about The Heroes Art Ball, please visit