Donated $100,000 to research fund

Connor’s Heroes gave its largest donation to the pediatric cancer research fund established in our name.


Celebrated 10 Year Anniversary

Connor’s Heroes helped more than 1,000 families in our first 10 years.


Named Endowed Chair

The Connor's Heroes Foundation Board of Directors welcomed Seth J. Corey, M.D., M.P.H, as the first endowed chair in pediatric cancer research.


Started Heroes Art Sessions

The monthly Heroes Art Sessions continue to be a special time when our young heroes express themselves through art created side-by-side with professional artists. Some of the art is auctioned at the Heroes Art Ball.


Raised $100,000 at Heroes Art Ball

For the first time ever, the Heroes Art Ball raised $100,000! The gala continues to be Connor's Heroes largest fundraising event.


Named Connor’s Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Fund

The endowed fund was fully funded with a million dollars and was named in honor of Connor’s Heroes.


First Gala: The Heroes Art Ball

The Heroes Art Ball celebrated the five year anniversary of Connor’s Heroes.


Opened the Room of Possibilities

Connor’s Heroes created The Room of Possibilities as a comforting and healing space for the children who are admitted on the adult Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.


Established Pediatric Cancer Research Endowment Fund

With the fund, Connor’s Heroes became the one childhood cancer nonprofit in Richmond that not only helps families but also funds pediatric cancer research in Central Virginia.


Launched Heroes Bags and Backpacks

Connor gave the first Heroes Backpack to his best friend during treatment, Owen.