Gift Cards allows you to order gift cards not only for yourself, but also for Connor's Heroes. Connor's Heroes receives a percentage of your purchase as a donation to help our childhood cancer families and fund Dr. Corey's pediatric cancer research. The website has hundreds of popular retailers. They ship direct to your house. You can even order gift cards for Connor's Heroes, pay for them yourself and ship them to our office. Our greatest need is for gift cards, especially as we have doubled the financial support we give our families. Questions? Email

1. Go to and click in the New User Option.
2. Create your Secure Online Account with:
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3. Enter your Contact Information
4. After registering you will be prompted to provide the following Group ID: ConnorsHeroes
5. Decide how you will pay for your orders. You can use a credit card, but 3% is deducted from the proceeds donated to CHF. You can set up a ScripPayment Gateway to pay for the gift cards from your bank. You have to submit the banking information required. ScripPayment Gateway will verify your account by depositing a small amount into your account. This process requires 3 – 5 business days. Once the deposit is confirmed, your status will change on the HomePage. Some fees apply.

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