Because of your donations, every childhood cancer hero (no matter what age!) will discover an iPad in their Heroes Bag and Backpack. Emmett is not even one year old. He was born in March 2020. Four months later, in July, he was diagnosed with a rare syndrome. This little fighter spent his first year in this world on the adult Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in treatment. Thankfully, he was not alone. Emmett and his mom stayed in touch with the family using the iPad in Emmett’s Connor’s Heroes backpack. Emmett used the iPad to stream his favorite programs, passing the long days in the hospital. He played peek-a-poo from his hospital bed with his older sister, Breyanna, who was at home. His other sister, Eden, was a hero too. She was the donor for her baby brother.

The Heroes Bag and Backpack was our first program when Connor’s Heroes started. Today, Emmett’s Heroes Bag and Backpack brought joy to him during a tough time. Follow our timeline from the first Heroes Bag and Backpack given to a child in the hospital to the array of support we offer families today.

Connor's Heroes Through The Years