Focus on Helping Heroes – Patrick’s mom, Mary

Mary is the mom of a teenage son who doctors diagnosed in February 2017. She said the hardest part of being a parent to a child battling cancer is seeing her sweet son suffer from illness and pain. The family is discovering that there are “helping heroes” in unexpected places who offer their support, compassion and kindness.

What does a day in the clinic and/or a day of inpatient look like?
We spent over 50 nights in the hospital for this first year. At clinic, everyone is kind. There are days where steroids make patients moody and when kids are very sick or nauseous. The whole building is full of staff who understand and are patient.

Are there any particular ways Connor's Heroes helped support you and your family with any of the above struggles?
They are researching for cures. We receive gifts like grocery and gas cards. They have lunch in clinic and the hospital. Erin gives us support over the phone. We enjoy the art sessions.