Four Heroes in video

Jacquan, Christopher, Tayneise and Aida are in a new video that is getting national attention. The video is featured on the website of the McKesson Corporation​,a Fortune 500 company for medical-surgical distribution. It is part of their #idelivercarefor campaign. The campaign features four nonprofits who help the cancer community. We are honored that McKesson chose Connor's Heroes. The local production company, Fuel, interviewed Jacquan, Christopher, Tayneise and Aida about their diagnosis and how Connor's Heroes helps their families.

You can help raise $1,000 for Connor's Heroes by being a part of #idelivercarefor campaign. If you are a caregiver or part of the medical profession, you should make a brief video with your phone on how you help your patients. If McKesson features your video, they will donate $1,000 in your honor to Connor's Heroes. We received our first $1,000 donation thanks to an area nurse, Afton.