Here’s Erin

Erin was genuinely touched by the recent Facebook post from Team Caleb, the page created by Caleb's parents to keep their friends and family informed of his progress in treating his neuroblastoma. (He is only four years old.) It was a picture of Erin standing in the door of Caleb's hospital room with a hopeful, welcoming smile. She has a bright red, star-shaped balloon and is holding a Connor's Heroes gift bag. In the bag are sweet surprises, toys, gift cards and encouraging notes that were generously donated by people like you. She was celebrating Caleb reaching an important milestone in his treatment: Day Zero of his stem cell transplant. Caleb was one of many children whom Erin visited in the hospital and clinic that day. Erin navigates each family’s individual and, oftentimes, sensitive situations with respect and encouragement. Behind the scenes, she coordinates the volunteers who decorate the hospital rooms of the bone marrow transplant unit and trains people to be buddies for our patients or their siblings. She works with Lisa and other childhood cancer parents in determining the best ways for Connor's Heroes to fill in the gaps for families struggling financially and emotionally. 

Erin says that it is her privilege to share the generosity of our donors who allow her to support the families. She said that the parents and children are appreciative and need our care, concern, and assistance of any kind. In her unassuming way, she encourages a family through the ups and downs of treatment and she is empathetic to what they deal with. Obviously families appreciate her, as one commented on the Facebook post: “She always comes at the right time ❤️.”  We are grateful every single day to have Erin as part of our Connor's Heroes family.