Here’s to our Volunteers – our Heroes!

In a few hours, our volunteers made a big difference in the lives of our Hero families. Volunteers spent one morning writing inspirational notes for 40 of our families. Tucked in each note was a gift card for gas or groceries. It depended on what the family needed the most to help get them through another week of treatment. A crew of volunteers filled our Heroes Bags and Backpacks with donated items. The volunteers packed each one for a boy or girl, carefully choosing items for a particular age. If you want to volunteer for Connor’s Heroes, contact Erin at or call our office at (804) 897-1272.

One mom sent Fran an email expressing her appreciation for the gas gift card:
We received the gas card last month and I want to say thank you for that. We travel to Richmond at least two days per week since this has all begun. The gas cards are a great help to me, especially since I am missing work without pay when I take him to appointments or stay with him during hospitalizations. It's hard to believe it's almost all over. It's been a challenging road and we are forever changed by this path we've walked. I am thankful for all who supported us through this difficult time.