Ava has had a rough treatment these past three years. She had chemo, surgeries, radiation, and transplants. And there is Ava. Smiling. Her mom Shannon calls her a “ray of sunshine.” Ava must hear it a lot. Her parents said, “Ava is amazing! She has a sweet and sassy personality. She is always smiling and encourages others. She loves to have fun.”

Her dad Jeremy remembers handing Ava the Heroes Bag and Backpack. The look on Ava’s face was priceless. “It was a moment at the worst time. You don’t know what you don’t know about something like cancer. It is good to have a resource like Connor’s Heroes.”

Her two older brothers, Conner and Caden, love their funny, silly little sister. They came to the Heroes Art Sessions to create side-by-side with Ava.

When asked to describe Connor’s Heroes, Ava had one word: “AWESOME!”

Ava, 8 years old, diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on May 15, 2019

Thank you to Greg Wright for donating his time to shoot, edit, and produce the 2022 Hero Videos.