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Corrin was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell ALL on September 13, 2012 when she was 16 years old. By the grace of God, a wonderful medical team at MCV, and her positive spirit and determination, she quickly went into remission. She will continue chemotherapy for a total 3 years. Corrin enjoys modeling and fitness- especially CrossFit. Corrin is now 17 years old and has begun to work out again and hopes to return to James River High School for her Senior year next school year. Corrin is always upbeat and brings a smile wherever she goes. She plans to go to medical school in an effort to help others from her experiences with cancer.  Corrin’s Grandmother passed away from breast cancer at 37, Corrin’s sister passed away from a brain tumor when she was 4, and Corrin’s Mother has survived liposarcoma at 35 and breast cancer at 36. When Corrin was diagnosed she said, “It’s ok, we can’t change it, all we can do is get through it,” and getting through it she is.