I Deliver Care

We are excited to be partnering with McKesson on their campaign “McKesson Delivers.” The campaign kicked off with this heartfelt video that featured our hero Jack. The video shows how McKesson employees help patients with each bandage, syringe and vial of vaccine they provide. If you are a healthcare provider, they are asking you to share how YOU DELIVER CARE! Record a 1-3 minute video or write a post celebrating the special care you deliver to patients every day. You could win a $1000 donation made in your organization's name to Connor's Heroes (or two other charities). McKesson will chose a winner every month. 

So, what could you talk about? How about:

  • A special patient like Jack who fought against the odds;
  • The passion you have for helping people stay healthy;
  • An overview of the things you do every day to make sure your patients know how much you care;
  • Because you are proud of the work you do as a healthcare provider.

You should focus the story on you and your facility's care. There is no need for you to make any reference to McKesson in your story or video. (Remember to leave out any confidential patient information.)  It doesn't need to be long or formal.  Just grab your smartphone and record a brief, heartfelt message.  Use the hashtag #idelivercarefor

Submit your story and/video on McKesson's website.