Impressions of Courage Needs You!

By donating an article of clothing, you can be a part of a public art project in Richmond during September's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It's called “Impressions of Courage” – a 1,000-foot long banner printed with the clothes and names of cancer heroes. Your hero is a patient, a caregiver or a friend. This is our opportunity to make sure that cancer's youngest patients are represented in this public display of cancer in our community. Keep reading on how you can memorialize your cancer hero.

1) Gather an outfit. Make sure it is a complete outfit (i.e. pants and shirt). The outfit does not have to be the honoree's actual clothing, just represent him/her. For example, a mother donated toddler-sized pajamas because her son was a toddler when he was diagnosed. You can donate a dress, hospital scrubs, play clothes, etc. Note: Outfits will be destroyed in the printing process and will not be returned.
2) Download and complete the registration form.
3) Bring your outfit and registration form to Connor's Heroes (11512 Allecingie Parkway, North Chesterfield 23235) during our office hours of Monday-Thursday, 10a-3p. Questions or to arrange a drop-off, email
4) Join us on September 10 for the creation of the banner, called a collagraph. 
A collagraph is a print making process. Art On Wheels will take your article of clothing, place it on a rigid substance and cover it with ink. They will then make an impression of the outfit on a piece of fabric. Pieced together, they hope to make the world's longest collagraph in the city's Scott's Addition.

Art On Wheels has information and registration at