Jurassic Park for Nayla

Callie and Courtney, CHF volunteers, did an amazing job of transforming this hospital room into Jurassic Park. Do you see the t-rex peeking out of the box? The dinosaur footprints? Who is this amazing hero? It's 10-year-old Nayla. He was admitted to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in late January and is expected to be there for about two months. His parents are driving between VCU and their home in Fredericksburg. Easily, 100 miles round trip. Thanks to your generosity, they will have plenty of gift cards for the gas needed to go back and forth. Since the family is spending nights on the unit, they will rest under cozy, handmade fleece blankets. Erin gave mom and dad the journal we designed for our BMT patients. They can write in it every day and keep track of the information and emotions of being in the BMT unit. Thank you to Callie and Courtney for showing tremendous creativity in decorating the room. Special shout out to little sister, three-year-old Tehmeena.