Lelia’s Rooms

Lelia was admitted for her fourth bone marrow transplant. She is only three years old. Any Hero parent will tell you that one stay in the BMT is hard enough, but three and then a fourth?! Lelia's treatment is all-consuming; requiring the family to shuttle between their home in Ashland and the hospital. Every time that Lelia was admitted, she found her room decorated with new and exciting surprises. From the cheerful pink, Peppa pig (who Lelia loves so much) to the princesses from Frozen. Four groups of volunteers decorated her room each time she was admitted. We want to thank Freya and also Ellen. Ellen cut short her beach vacation so she could have Lelia's room ready when she was admitted. We were especially touched by Lelia's “Wall of Encouragement.” It was lovingly created by a young volunteer. Taylor, with help from his sister Izzy and mom Katie

“The reason I made the “Wall of Encouragement” for Lelia is because she and her family are going through a scary time. Lelia has to show her amazing bravery. I already look up to her. I have high hopes Lelia will win her war against this sickness,” said Taylor. Izzy added, “Although Lelia is going through tough times, I hope the love we put into her room makes her smile! We picked out the the stuffed animal rabbit. It has a special message for her to hug it whenever times get hard.”

Thank you to Katie, Taylor, Izzy, Freya and Ellen for decorating Lelia's rooms! It is because of your support that Connor's Heroes can help a family every step of the way.