Let’s Put Pediatric Cancer On The Road

Virginia license plates are a great billboard in building awareness of many nonprofits and causes. So why not childhood cancer, the #1 disease killer of children? Two pediatric cancer nonprofits in Northern Virginia, Ellie's Hats and Team Mathias, are pushing for DMV to offer a license plate for childhood cancer. The process is simple. You complete the application and submit it with your check for $10. Ellie's Hats is collecting the applications and fees. Once they have 450 applications in hand, they will submit them to DMV. Then we wait… 

Click the license plate below to open the PDF of the application along with detailed instructions. The sooner you submit your application and we reach our goal of 450 applications, the sooner we will see Childhood Cancer on cars in Virginia.

Yes, I want VA to have a Cure Childhood Cancer license plate!