Lifting Up Landon

Landon was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in February. Like most families, they set up a Facebook page. They call it “Lifting Up Landon.” Close to 3,000 people follow this brave boy. Landon has a strong network that his parents lean on. So, how could Connor’s Heroes help?

We understand the challenges and sensitivity of childhood cancer – especially when a family is in the hospital or clinic. Children love the Heroes Backpack because it's filled with toys, playdough, electronics that they can play with on their hospital beds. Our Parent Tote has a thermometer, journals, thank you cards and vouchers for meals and housecleaning – all items recommended by the parents who’ve had a child in treatment. The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit can be very isolating to our families. Our Room Of Possibilities is their family playroom with Wii, board games, books and videos. We know the names of the restaurants and food trucks on campus. Know one of the biggest stresses on a family? Driving around the MCV parking deck and not having cash to pay for parking. We figured out how to purchase parking passes for families.

All these details make a difference to our families.

Since Landon registered with Connor’s Heroes in March, we reached out to his family thirty times. That’s a month full of caring! It had been a quick call. An email. A visit in clinic. “How’s Landon doing?” “How can Connor’s Heroes help?” Volunteers surprised him by decorating his hospital room with Mario and Minions for his admission to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. His Day Zero was a milestone. A $25 or $50 gift card for groceries and gas meant the family had money for other expenses. And, most appreciated, weeks’ worth of parking passes!

Landon is in the maintenance stage of his treatment. The posts on his Facebook page are positive. I’m happy his mom and dad took the time to register with Connor’s Heroes. I am thankful for the opportunity to take my family and other parents' experience so we can pay it forward to help the children who are battling cancer in Richmond today. Thank you for supporting Connor’s Heroes. Happy Thanksgiving.