Kevin and Lorie McCollough are a part of our community of heroes. They are founding members of our Circle of Heroes and dedicated supporters of the Heroes Art Ball. At this year’s Heroes Art Ball, Kevin and Lorie remembered a special group of kids who took the stage. If you were there, you probably remember this moment, too. 

At the Heroes Art Ball, we were reintroduced to some of the heroes we met at past Heroes Art Balls. Here they were, years later, on stage before us, to tell their inspiring stories of progress. We were thrilled to see the beaming high school cheerleader and the accomplished photographer whom we first met as children. Now, they have grown into young ladies. A number of these bright and talented young adults are heading off to college and employment, pursuing their dreams of nursing, engineering, and other exciting professions. It was extraordinarily rewarding, heart-warming, and affirming for us! Not every child’s story ends happily, which is why we are committed to Connor’s Heroes. We remain hopeful that within our lifetime we’ll see major breakthroughs and these cancers are eliminated. We are thankful to be able to play our small part. We continue to pray that Connor’s Heroes successfully cares for our community’s childhood cancer heroes. 

“The expressions of support by Connor’s Heroes are remarkable. They are tangible, loving expressions of the care and compassion that the people of Connor’s Heroes have for these kids.”

Connor's Heroes Art Ball 2019

Connor’s Heroes has a mission that absolutely resonates with us. We have been blessed with two wonderful, healthy sons. We have never taken that for granted and are forever thankful. Though we sympathize deeply, we cannot begin to fathom the physical, emotional, and financial hardships the hero families experience. We are sincerely grateful that Connor’s Heroes exists to support the families in meaningful ways. For us, Connor’s Heroes embodies the precepts of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, and treating others as we would wish to be treated. That’s something we wish to encourage and support as much as we can!

Three teens who were featured at past Connors Heroes Heroes Art Balls