A child with a pink bow in her hair going down a slide wearing a bright blue tee shirt that reads Be A Hero The text reads Not all heroes wear capes. Some find strength wearing a bright blue t-shirt.

“Connor’s Heroes never stops. They give graciously, as if my kids were their own family.”

— Evie’s mom, Danielle

Danielle is mom to three children under the age of four. Evie is the middle child and the only girl. “On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, we heard those words that are every parent’s nightmare, ‘I’m sorry. It’s cancer.’” Doctors diagnosed Evie with neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that almost always affects children. Connor’s Heroes can help Evie and over a hundred children in treatment in Central Virginia today.

Your donation to Connor’s Heroes means Danielle will not face Evie’s cancer alone. You will give Evie’s family financial assistance, emotional support, and, most of all, hope.

A mom wearing glasses and holding her daughter across her shoulder

“Connor’s Heroes is about making the journey a little less stressful, so I can focus on what is important: the time I have with my children.”


“Evie’s Endeavor started in October of 2020 with a sudden onset of behavioral issues. The kind that we have all joked about when our kids are acting like “the devil.” The only difference was hers never stopped. Little did we know that the issue within her tiny body was much bigger than anything we could ever imagine. 

After about six weeks of this behavior, we found ourselves in the hospital. What we thought would be a long day, turned into an inpatient stay lasting five days. We walked away with no answers on what could be wrong with her neurologically.

Fast forward three weeks to include one more inpatient stay, we were back at VCU awaiting a CT of her abdomen when we first learned that cancer was a possibility.

On January 13th, 2021, we heard those four words that are every parent’s nightmare, “I’m sorry. It’s cancer.” Evie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Within 36 hours from her diagnosis, she was in surgery to have a biopsy of the tumor, port placement, and bone marrow draw. The “routine” three hour surgery turned into eight. Around hour six, doctors told us they removed the tumor. Talk about being shocked. That wasn’t even a topic in conversation before she went into surgery. 

Evie has been through different immunotherapies as well as four rounds of chemo in an eight month time.

On August 13th, 2021, Evie was declared cancer-free.

Currently, she is back in treatment as some of her symptoms have come back. She had her second set of clear scans at the beginning of October and for that, I could not be more thankful. VCU has some of the most amazing doctors, but I know God had his hand on my baby girl, and I will continue to pray he always will.”

 “The financial struggle doesn’t end when your child is declared cancer free. Connor’s Heroes knows that. They continue to help my family into the next phase of Evie’s journey.”

In a hospital room is a child looking at a tablet while getting an infusion


After Evie started treatment, she received a Connor’s Heroes Bag and Backpack. Inside were crafts, games, toiletries, and her very own an iPad!

“There were so many fun and engaging things in the Connor’s Heroes Bag and Backpack. She is in LOVE with her “Be A Hero” shirt. It’s oversized and oh so comfy! Her iPad is probably her second favorite and a lifesaver on clinic days! All of the personal hygiene items have been a lifesaver when those check-ups turn into entire days worth of treatment or tests.”

“Connor’s Heroes mailed us a Family Fun Pack filled with the cutest summer items. Inside was a bean bag toss game, sunglasses for all three kiddos, as well as some leis and small items they all loved so much!

In the beginning, we went to VCU anywhere from one to three times a week. A round trip was over 70 miles and very hard on our one-income family. The gas cards I received in the mail from Connor’s Heroes made the difference in making every appointment or missing out on some. The grocery cards were absolutely amazing.

The gift cards help us get through the tough weeks or I put them away for the “unknowns.” There are so many of those in the cancer world.

A girl sits on a park bench holding a group of balloons one balloon is a gold number three

 “From her very first phone call, Erin gave me comfort in the fact that we weren’t alone.”


Connor’s Heroes program team built a special bond with Evie’s family. Erin and Anne-Randolph surprised them with gift cards, family fun packs in the mail, and thoughtfulness in every email, phone call, and visit.

“Erin is a beautiful human being. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross even if it took cancer to get us here.

From the very first phone call, she gave me hope and comfort in the fact that we weren’t alone in this. She calls multiple times a month and every time it is like I’m talking to a friend I’ve had for years. She reassures me that I’m doing everything I can for all the kiddos and reminds me to breathe.

I believe it’s more of who she is, versus the “job,” so to speak.

Woman holding a blonde puppy standing in an office in front of a sign for connors heroes

A new year is a new unknown for Evie.
A new diagnosis for another child.
A new family who will need Connor’s Heroes.

Make your donation so a family will never face their child’s cancer alone. You can make sure the next hero family receives financial assistance when they need it the most, and emotional support through every personal note, email, phone call, and visit. As the world looks for hope, guidance, and support, our childhood cancer families don’t have to look far. Hope, guidance, and support are the pillars of Connor’s Heroes mission.

Thank you to Danielle for writing about her family and Connor’s Heroes. All pictures are from Danielle’s page on Facebook: Evie’s Endeavor.