“Who wants some PIZZA?!?”

Image a parent and teen eating pizza
Image two teenagers and an adult sitting together eating pizza

When Mellow Mushroom Midlothian asked a room of kids and their families, all hands went up. Connor’s Heroes hosted a Make-Bake-Your-Own-Pizza-Party for our childhood cancer heroes and their families. It was a beautiful afternoon with everyone outside on the patio. Anne-Randolph handed out aprons and chefs hats for our little pizza makers. Families sat at their own table with a pizza box full of freshly made dough and all their favorite ingredients to top off their pizzas. Kids and parents rolled their dough and crafted the perfect pizza (Look for the picture of Holden and Piper’s pepperoni pizza face). They marched into the Mellow Mushroom kitchen. Staff helped them load their pizza into the pizza oven. PRESTO ~ the perfect pizza!!

It was wonderful to be together with our hero families. A big thank you to Heather and Susan, our friends at Mellow Mushroom. They did a great job of hosting our large group of kids and parents — two pizza parties on Saturday and Sunday. Connor’s Heroes can continue to host events for our families (keeping their safety in mind) thanks to your generous donations.

Childhood Cancer Heroes: Holden, Bryanna, Brittany, Alvion, Valentin, Ariana, Austin, Sophia, Josie, Charlotte, Thomas, James, William, Koree, Kennedy, and Javi