Twelve moms spent three days in a beautiful house on Lake Anna, thanks to our donors! They attended our first-ever Momcology retreat – led by moms of children with cancer for moms of children with cancer. Our moms experienced a restorative self-care weekend of yoga, nutrition, self-confidence, and hugs… lots of hugs.

Momocology is a nonprofit that specializes in hosting retreats lead by childhood cancer parents for childhood cancer parents. The weekend retreat starts the long-term healing process for a parent after a childhood cancer diagnosis. Connor’s Heroes offered the retreat at no charge to our Hero Moms. Many of the moms knew one another in passing running to and from clinic, coming to Connor’s Heroes events or socializing at our Art Sessions. The retreat gave them a safe place to become friends.

Group 172

“I was able to connect with other moms who are going through this tough time in our lives. I felt relieved, supported, connected, loved, and pampered! Thanks to you, we don’t feel alone or hopeless.” — Hero mom

“The massage, yoga, and dietician were excellent supports for frazzled bodies like ours. I left with good information I can carry long past the weekend. The retreat was glorious. I’m glad that Connor’s Heroes hosted us. The weekend was a much-needed respite between so many scary moments.” — Hero Mom

Group 226

“I met moms who could relate to everything I was going through. I was nervous about going, but by Saturday, we were bonding. We had plenty of tears and joy to go around. We felt so special with all the gifts you provided.” — Hero Mom