Obadiah’s Mom Shares Her Thanks

Obadiah is a 2-year-old boy who plays with trucks and anything that spins. Over the summer, the family registered him with Connor's Heroes after he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. Immediately, they received an outpouring of support from our community of heroes. Ashton, Obadiah's mom, was grateful for the ways Connor's Heroes is easing the burden of cancer on her family. This is an entry on her blog where she talks about Obadiah's journey. 

Connor’s Heroes has been so kind to us!!

Most of you have heard us talk about Connor’s Heroes before and to learn more about the amazing work they do to help families with children who have cancer please visit their site: connorsheroes.org

We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you SO much for the many ways they have served our family and help link us with other families going through battling cancer. We have felt so cared for by the organization and the beautiful people who work there. We have had the joy to meet a woman named Erin who works with the organization and has gone above and beyond in seeing that we are cared for. She has visited us many times in clinic and every week reaches out with fun family events, just checking to see how we are and linking us up with business owners around the city who have graciously offered help for free to us.

One of the business owners, Derek, who owns Farm House Salons offered to cut Ashton’s hair of no cost in order to serve us and he did an incredible job! If anyone is looking for a talented and kind hairdresser schedule an appointment with Derek.

Another business owner is Bonnie from Five Star Maids. They offered to clean our whole house of no charge just to serve our family and they did such a fantastic job! Their crew was also so kind and went above and beyond to make our house clean just in time for Ob’s chemo. We are so very grateful!

Thank you, Connor’s Heroes for knowing the needs of families going through this difficult time and extending hands of support and help that really do bring so much relief. We are forever grateful for the ways you have stepped into our lives and offered help!