Our Staff

Connor's Heroes primarily functions with the assistance of an amazing group of volunteers.  We are also fortunate to be guided by a group of dedicated and experienced staff members.

Celia, Executive DirectorCELIA TETLOW
Executive Director

Celia has been involved with Connor‘s Heroes for over eight years. Her first volunteer project was decorating the hospital room of a child admitted to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. She served as Chair of the Development Committee and recently as Vice Chair of the Connor's Heroes Board of Directors. She chaired the Heroes Art Ball Committee for several years. Families have come to know her as she spent many Sundays leading the monthly art sessions. She is a fundraising professional with an intense passion for the mission of Connor's Heroes.

Fran Muth
Program Assistant

Fran has worked for over 35 years to meet the needs of children and families in a variety of settings. In her current role, she is responsible for the coordination, management, and delivery of services to Connor’s Heroes families. In addition, she is responsible for the recruitment, training, and support of all volunteers. Prior to joining Connor’s Heroes, Fran was employed as a Professional School Counselor where she helped identify specific needs of students and their families and worked towards meeting those needs through school and community resources.

Erin Gardner
Program Coordinator

Erin joined Connor’s Heroes in August 2013 to serve as the Assistant Program Coordinator. After working eight years as a Professional School Counselor, she is adept at connecting with children and families to identify needs and utilize resources to meet those needs with genuine empathy, concern, and interest. She is excited to be a part of Connor’s Heroes and enjoys meeting and engaging with all of our wonderful patients, their families, and the volunteers.  

Ceci Hull
Development Assistant

Ceci is behind the scenes at Connor's Heroes. She coordinates marketing, social media and donor relations. She comes to Connor’s Heroes with a variety of experience that is put to good use supporting our staff and hero families. When she’s not in the office, she’s in the city volunteering with WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio, supporting the music scene and walking its interesting neighborhoods and trails.