Image two children in an art studio wearing shirts that say Be A Hero

We hosted another Heroes Art Session on Sunday, September 19 at the Visual Arts Center. Our Heroes Art Sessions are a monthly tradition for our hero families. Also returning — after a long time away — were two hero artists: Jennike and Sarah. Sarah couldn’t contain her excitement

“As soon as the first kid walked to my table, it was as if no time passed. We were back making messes, painting, and creating. I love watching the kids express themselves with every brush stroke or drawing. I take the art created by each child and work it together into one expressive piece. What we create is full of heart, soul, joy and hope.”

Hero Artists: Jennike Duignam, Sarah Cross, Emily Griffin
Childhood Cancer Heroes: Charlotte, Austin, Aubrey, James, Jaiden, Holden, John, Jayda, Kennedy, Javi, Zuri, Liana, Valentin, and all their super sibling sidekicks!

At the Heroes Art Sessions, the children collaborate with top Richmond artists. Together, they create art that express their cancer journeys. You have a chance to own a piece from this original collection when it is put up for auction at our 11th Heroes Art Ball on May 6, 2022!

Image a group of 20 children stand together in an art studio