Connor’s Heroes hosted a Heroes Art Session for September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Once again, our friends at Visual Arts Center of Richmond turned their patio into an outdoor art studio.

We were excited to have long-time volunteers return: Sarah, Damian, and Jennike, with help from Lucy, Olivia, Becca, and Anna. Sarah broke out clay for the heroes to fire up into a holiday surprise. Jennike helped the kids say goodbye to summer by creating beautiful paintings of sun flowers.

We are really excited about our October Heroes Art Session.

You bet it is going to be over flowing with pumpkin-spice.

(Hero Families: Check your inbox for an email from Anne-Randolph and Erin about the October Heroes Art Session and other family events.)

Our Heroes Art Session is a chance for children to create and parents to connect. We invite childhood cancer heroes who are in treatment or recently finished. Siblings and best buddies come too. The Heroes Art Sessions happen thanks to our partnership with Visual Arts Center of Richmond and YOU! Your donations make it possible for our childhood cancer families to be together and create.

Hero Artists & Volunteers: Olivia, Becca, Anna, Sarah, Damian, Jennike, Lucy

Childhood Cancer Heroes & Siblings: Grayson, Charlotte, John, Ben, Florian, Jeremiah, Olivia, Bobbie, Zeezee, Lucy, Kennedy, Adam, Lauren, Javi and Alex