Snow Day

Yes, the snow is beautiful, but it does pose challenges for our families who travel for their child's treatment. One of our teenagers lives in the Tidewater region but receives treatment in Richmond. The family stayed at The Doorways, which provides lodging for patients and their families who live out of town but need to be in the area for treatment. When the last snowfall hit, the family needed Connor's Heroes help. Mom, who was stuck 100 miles away, texted Erin a list of groceries. Erin braved the crowds at the grocery store, used donated gift cards, and purchased what they needed. Within 24 hours of mom's text, the family had the groceries. This is what Connor's Heroes does every day. You allow Erin to develop a relationship with our families. She gets to know them. Then, she finds the programs and volunteers who can help without overwhelming the family at a difficult time.