Things got a little (okay, A LOT) messy at the July Heroes Art Session. The theme of this session was: tie-dye! Tie-dying is the process of twisting a piece of fabric, binding it together with a rubber band, and squirting various inks in the folds. The result is a psychedelic design of splashes of colors. We knew tie-dying would be a fun activity for our childhood cancer heroes and their families. Our friends at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond let us use their outdoor patio. It was the perfect place to set up for this messy project. We put down large drop clothes and got ready to tie-dye!
The kids went wild tie-dyeing a white t-shirt. Tie-dying a pillow case. And tie-dying a large beach towel. Also, they hand-painted tote bags. Kona Ice rolled up with their mobile truck. The kids turned their cup of shaved ice into a sugary tie-dye treat to cool off and eat.
Our Heroes Art Session is a chance for children to create and parents to connect. We invite childhood cancer heroes who are in treatment or recently finished. Siblings and best buddies come too. The Heroes Art Sessions happen thanks to our partnership with Visual Arts Center of Richmond and YOU! Your donations make it possible for our childhood cancer families to be together and create.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped the kids with this silly, fun & messy project. (Apologizes for all the tie-dye ink that landed on your shoes & clothes!)
Hero Artists & Volunteers: Anna, Cynthia, Patricia, Janis, Joe, Journey, Parry & NCL members: Kristen, Bartley, Elizabeth
Childhood Cancer Heroes: Alessa, Alvion, Bella, Charlotte, Dayanne, Everett, Holden, Isiah, James, Jonathan, Joshua, Kennedy, Meya, Zuri, Persephone’s sisters, Peyton’s brothers