Teen Hero Featured in Local News

Who knew an email from Connor's Heroes would lead to an amazing news story about our Hero D'Marco? In our August email, I shared the video of D'Marco's high school graduation speech. Thousands of people watched the speech. Amy Lacy, co-anchor for Channel 8 News, contacted me because she was so moved by D'Marco's amazing spirit. So, Amy donned a hospital gown and mask for her interview in his hospital room. Amy did a wonderful job of letting D'Marco encourage everyone, especially young adults, to register and be swabbed through Be A Match. Miraculously, a match has been found — someone in Brazil. The transplant is being flown in and D'Marco will begin his bone marrow transplant this week. Connor's Heroes will continue to help D'Marco and his mom. Our volunteer and her friends made his hospital room feel more like a home. He will have plenty of gift cards for meals, gas, groceries. And we'll cheer him on as he reaches Day Zero (his new birthday).

If you are moved to help a teen such as D'Marco, you have two opportunities: Donate to Connor's Heroes in support of outreach to children and teens who are in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and register on www.BeTheMatch.org. Be The Match is in need of young adults who can help teens such as D'Marco.