Two teenage childhood cancer heroes started a lengthy stay on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMT). When our Program Director, Erin, learned they were being admitted, she and Anne-Randolph sprung into action. They put out an all-call to our team of BMT volunteers. Just like a real superhero, the volunteers answered our call and arrived in the nick of time to help! Look how the teams of volunteers decorated the hospital rooms for Edwin and Kayleigh. Each room captured the spirited personalities of these teen heroes.

Allez Paris Saint-Germain!
Edwin told Erin he was a big fan of soccer. His favorite team is Paris Saint-Germain. Connor’s Heroes Board member Tom Voekler and his wife, Jill, volunteered to make Edwin’s room feel special. Jill and Tom are a passionate soccer family. They knew exactly what a soccer fan would love. They decorated Edwin’s hospital room with posters, lights, and a team flag.

You Go Girl
19-year-old Kayleigh entered her hospital room to find it decorated with inspiring posters reading “You Go Girl” and “You Can. You Will!” On her bed were arts, crafts, and games. Leave it to Ellen, a skilled BMT room decorator, to find the perfect decorations for Kayleigh’s room.

Do you like to give back to your community by volunteering? Do you enjoy shopping? Do you enjoy decorating? Do you want to put a smile on a hospitalized child’s face? You may be the perfect volunteer for Connor’s Heroes room decorator team. Connor’s Heroes will give you a list of the patient’s likes and interests. You will receive a budget so you can shop around for the perfect decor. Connor’s Heroes will reimburse you for your purchases.
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