Today’s Helping Hero is the medical supply company, McKesson. Staff in the Finance Department of McKesson Medical Surgical in the Richmond office took a break from work to tackle a big volunteer project. They stuffed and packed 100 Family Fun Packs. A Family Fun Pack is a fun night in a box. We ship them out when a child needs a pick-me-up or isolated at home.

Anne-Randolph, our Program Coordinator, created an Amazon Wish List of the items kids of all ages want in their Family Fun Pack. McKesson ordered the games, crafts, candy, toys, and gift cards off their Amazon Wish List. All in all, they donated $5,000 worth of items.

Board member and hero mom, Katie Tyson, spoke to the team about how Connor’s Heroes helped her family when her son Callen was diagnosed. Hearing Katie’s story reinforced why families love receiving a Family Fun Pack from Connor’s Heroes. Thank you to Will Station (CFO), Keysha, Dakota and the 200 employees who dedicated an afternoon to packing and stuffing Family Fun Packs.

When the team was done, they thanked Anne-Randolph and Katie for telling them about Connor’s Heroes. They said Family Fun Packs was a rewarding and fulfilling volunteer project.

If you work for a company who likes to give back to the community like McKesson, Connor’s Heroes makes it easy. Start by emailing Anne-Randolph at She will walk you through how you can give back to children with cancer.