Transforming a hospital room into a home

This month, we already have four children scheduled at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU for their bone marrow transplants. Two are teens who have put high school on hold and the others are younger children. Connor's Heroes is one of a few nonprofits who are allowed to be in the Bone Marrow Unit with cancer's youngest patients. Our first task is organizing teams of volunteers who will decorate the hospital rooms of each child. When a child registers with Connor's Heroes, the parents/caregivers list his/her favorite movies, cartoons, colors and crafts. On the day of admission, we surprised them with a room that's been transformed into a comfy bedroom with decorations, bedding and decor. Here are photos of the rooms we’ve decorated over the past several. As you see, each one is different. Just like our patients. Erin will be in the hospital all this week, helping the families adjust. Keep them in your thoughts.

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