Update on Katie

We had an incredible outpouring of support from our Heroes of RVA blog. Many of you were moved by the beautiful photos of our brave heroes. Our photographer, Kristin Seward, not only captured their courage and strength, but she eloquently told their stories. By the end of the series, you walked with them on their journeys. One of the heroes was Katie, who's battling T-­Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Erin, our program coordinator, shared an update on this beautiful girl:

Katie had her last bone marrow biopsy in October. Thankfully, it showed no evidence of disease. She has 100% donor cells! She's feeling strong enough to be back in school in the 3rd grade. She now goes to clinic every two weeks to draw labs and meet with the doctor. She has regular visits with an eye doctor as a result of the side effects of her treatment. Everyone is looking toward February. Katie will have a full round of scans and another biopsy. If the test results are good, Katie can finally have her port removed. This is an important milestone in a brave child's treatment. What impresses me the most about Katie and her family is the fact that they live life to its fullest. Their facebook page, Courage For Katie, is full of photos of the family enjoying time together, traveling, and even sharing the more difficult moments of Katie's cancer. I can say that they are an inspiration to our hero families.

Connor's Heroes will continue to offer financial and emotional assistance to Katie and her family. Thanks to the generous donations of your time and financial gifts, Katie is not alone. Keep Katie and all our hero families in your thoughts.