Video Raises $1000 for our Heroes

Recognize that nurse? She's Afton, a L&D nurse who also is an amazing volunteer with Connor's Heroes. Afton submitted a video for the McKesson promotion, #idelivercarefor. Her video was picked and is now featured on their website. They will donate $1,000 in her name to one of the four partnering charities – and she chose Connor's Heroes! Thank you, Afton. If you are a healthcare professional or work in healthcare, grab your phone and shoot a 1-3 minute video like Afton did. If your video is picked, you, too, can make a thousand dollar donation. You can see Afton's video and learn how you can submit a quick clip that could raise $1,000 for Connor's Heroes.

From McKesson website:Share your #idelivercarefor story today!

Using the theme “I deliver care for…” record a 1-3 minute video or write a post telling us the story of how you and your organization deliver care and submit it on this website. Share your story here. The story should be focused on you and your facility's care. There is no need for you to make any reference to McKesson in your story or video. We're here to celebrate your great work. Also, please remember to leave out any confidential patient information.