You know that superheroes come in all sizes. Well, here is a group of mini-heroes who arrived in the nick of time to help kids who are in treatment for cancer. Our 2022 Jr. Hero Squad exceeded their $2,500 goal and raised over to $6,700! How did they do it???

  • Mark raised his money while on summer break from the United States Air Force Academy. Mark was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2015 and knows first hand the impact Connor’s Heroes has on families. Talk about being a TOP GUN!
  • Lilah used her entrepreneurial skills to reach her goal. She sold her own jewelry and walked dogs.
  • Connor, Kenley, Luke, Parker, Reese, and Vivian had an epic lemonade sale in their neighborhood.
  • Emily and her teammates made a donation for every home run they made. Seeing they raised more than $1,000 – they made a lot of runs around to home plate! Emily’s brother Parker started treatment for ALL in April.
  • Thanks to Layla & Nadia, who got a late start joining the Jr Hero Squad. They sure did rock our signature blue shirts and sunglasses!

The Jr. Hero Squad is one way you can raise money for children with cancer using the power of your social network. Connor’s Heroes makes it easy for you to set up a personal fundraising website. You share the link and watch the donations roll in.

You can:
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