A girl is standing next to a tree in front of Hardywood

A beautiful, but not too hot, summer day greeted the childhood cancer heroes who joined Connor’s Heroes staff and board members for our Annual Summer Send-Off. We invited families with children in treatment and out of treatment to be together and have fun. This year, we brought in Richmond’s legendary street performer, Jonathan the Juggler! Parents and kids were in awe as Jonathan did slight-of-hand, card tricks, rode a unicycle, juggled fire sticks, and made a rabbit magically appear.

It was magical to see the children, who often pass one another in clinic, to play and laugh together. Same with the parents. Children became fast friends and parents found caring partners to help them through their child’s treatment.

Celia said “Seeing our hero families come together and enjoy each other’s company made me smile. While everyone’s journey with childhood cancer is different, these families have a unique bond. I am so glad Connor’s Heroes is able to host fun events like our Summer Send-off and continue to support our hero families every step of the way!”

Connor’s Heroes can host this annual summer event thanks to the generosity of our donors. Also, we want to thank the Salty Pig for the BBQ dinner, Hardywood for hosting the event, Connor’s Heroes program staff for organizing, and our wonderful volunteers: Lariza, Sydney, Alison, and Ashleigh, Damian, and Ellen.