A Super Day For Thomas

On Facebook, Thomas is Tackling Cancer Again shared the news that Thomas's cancer is spreading. We are devastated as Thomas has been a part of the Connor's Heroes family since 2012. Because Thomas loves football, several of our cancer moms threw an awesome ‪Super Bowl‬ party for Thomas's family and friends. A special Connor's Heroes volunteer ordered up a Richmond GameTruck. We received donations to purchase great snacks.  Our friends from HHHunt donated tons of food, entertainment, and secured the great location at the Hallsley club house. There was lots of laughing, smiles and cheering. As the mom of a daughter (who finished treatment) posted on Facebook:

“No words for today…just gratitude and joy. Thomas smiled and had fun and was surrounded by people who love him and love his whole family. Could we be more blessed? Life is not always an easy place nor do things look the way we hoped sometimes. Sometimes it's harder, sometimes way better.”

Thank you to our Helping Hero Moms, the Abbott family and HHHunt Homes.