Art 180 and Visual Arts Center partner with Connor’s Heroes

Art 180 is a Richmond non-profit whose mission is to give young people the chance to express themselves through art, and to share their stories with others. Professional artists and volunteers work with youth who face challenging situations. Connor's Heroes is using their studio and resources for some of our monthly Art Sessions. The studio space in Jackson Ward is wonderful. We are excited that our Heroes artwork will be featured in the Art 180 gallery during the month of April and featured on April 1 from 6-9 pm during First Fridays.  

Visual Arts Center of Richmond has a mission to engage the community in the creative process through the visual arts. This amazing nonprofit provides opportunities for people to express themselves through over 12 different media.  Connor's Heroes also uses their studio and resources for alternating monthly Art Sessions and their studio space is amazing.

At both Art 180 and the Visual Arts Center, we have plenty of room to create the artwork you can bid on at the Heroes Art Ball. The atmosphere has fueled our heroes' creativity. Our photo gallery gives you a sneak peek at their creations. Make sure to visit both locations to learn more about their programs, classes, and ways you can get more involved.

Thank you to the Connor's Heroes Young Professional group who host the monthly sessions.  

Discover Art 180 and Visual Arts Center
Be a Young Professional with Connor's Heroes

Thanks to our Young Professionals pictured: John Hopson, Camilo Perdomo, Jennike Duignam, Nora Tetlow, Celia Tetlow, Sarah Cross, Lauren Prezioso, Joy McMillian, Lauren Bruckmann, Katie Sunderman, Makay Carlino, Todd Stonell, Natalie Maixner, and Alison Erfort.